Unsealed: Alien Files Season 4

Premiere Date, Full Episodes

There is still no word on premiere date of season 4 of Unsealed: Alien Files but it will be revealed on this page once there is an official update. Subscribe below for season Four fanalert to be the first to know when a decision is made. We love hearing your thoughts, so share them with us in the comments below.

List of Episodes

S4E1 Second Skin

S4E2 The 1952 Wave

S4E3 The Freedom of Information Act

S4E4 The Space Force

S4E5 The Shoot Down Order

S4E6 Seeing is Believing

S4E7 Inside UFOs

S4E8 Unwelcome Visitors

S4E9 Alien Journeys

S4E10 Finding Aliens

S4E11 UFO Photos

S4E12 UFOs from Earth

S4E13 Summer of Saucers

S4E14 Police Sightings

S4E15 Space Shuttle Encounters

S4E16 Mass Sightings

S4E17 Mars: The Final Frontier

S4E18 Alien Communications

S4E19 Artificial Alien Intelligence

most recent episode S4E20 First Contact

How many episodes are in season 4 of Unsealed: Alien Files?

The season consists of 20 episodes. The second half premiered on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

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There is no dispute about that. The first few episodes were interesting, but as you go through the series, they recycle everything. All I seem to see every week is a show that proves things are so, because "some people say", "allegedly", "many think". You have the platform, you have the rights for pay TV. It's for those who actually believe and don't want a critical voice telling that UFO's sightings, abductions, etc.


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