New Girl Season 4

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New Girl season 4 started airing on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S4E1 The Last Wedding

S4E2 Dice

S4E3 Julie Berkman's Older Sister

S4E4 Micro

S4E5 Landline

S4E6 Background Check

S4E7 Goldmine

S4E8 Teachers

S4E9 Thanksgiving IV

S4E10 Girl Fight

S4E11 LAXmas

S4E12 Shark

S4E13 Coming Out

S4E14 Swuit

S4E15 The Crawl

S4E16 Oregon

S4E17 Spiderhunt

S4E18 Walk of Shame

S4E19 The Right Thing

S4E20 Par 5

S4E21 Panty Gate

most recent episode S4E22 Clean Break

How many episodes are in season 4 of New Girl?

The season consists of 22 episodes.

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Critics Reviews

    Even in this third season premiere, the supporting cast remains mostly two-dimensional. Only Adam Pally’s character has any depth, and it’s the exact same depth he had on “Happy Endings,” because it’s basically the same character. Thank goodness he showed up, though, so Kaling and Messina would have someone interesting to interact with. A very successful premiere, “Mindy” established the different dynamics of the central couple in the narrative. Mindy never shuts up and Danny likes to keep his private life private, and especially if it involves his secret past as Diamond Dan, the male stripper. - by TheWrap [Jason Hughes]

    Who doesn't want to run away from uncomfortable situations? Of course the foursome didn't happen. Why? Because Schmidt realized Nick’s hands feel like hooves. I have to add that I love that they aren't making Jess and Nick uncomfortable around each other; the little heart to heart they had was adorable. Schmidt decides for everyone that they need to get laid, but of course he is still stuck on Cece. I really hope they don’t spend this season with Schmidt pining over Cece. We have already been there and done that and it is time to move on. - by TV Fanatic [Samantha McAllister]

    Your enjoyment of “Dice” will vary based on your expectations for its twin storylines: This is not the episode for anyone seeking verisimilitude in their stoner comedy or their fictional portrayals of hookup apps. You can nitpick Hannah Simone’s zombified daze or the unfeasibly eccentric qualities of the Dice Diez, but that’s beside the point: At this stage in New Girl’s life, we’re tuning in to see how these characters react to the games the writers set up for them. Worst case scenario, the highs and the lows of Nick’s buzz are a little extreme. Best case scenario: That spectacular sequence in the kitchen of the loft, in which Jess asks and answers all of her own questions about Dice, and it becomes quickly apparent that the other side of the scene will be all silent Max Greenfield reactions. Because you know what else about “Dice” feels like a game? How much fun it is to watch. “What about this feels like a game to you?” a flummoxed Schmidt asks Jess during “Dice,” oblivious to the fact that he’s orchestrating a dating seminar with a Taboo buzzer. It’s a great joke snuck into a storyline about Jess and Schmidt’s differing dating philosophies: Dice, the episode’s titular Tinder surrogate, reduces courtship to an act carried out with the same strategy, dexterity, and finger gestures as a session of Fruit Ninja. Dice is a game (named after a game piece), only there are living, breathing people connected to the sprites that are being swiped up or swiped down. In other words: All of this should feel like a game to Jess. - by AV Club [Erik Adams]

    Overall, I thought this episode started off the season on a strong note. It is honestly hard not to love this quirky gang. The comedic energy was there and I enjoyed it like I did with season 1. Everything fits right into place again and the chemistry is back. I have high hopes for the rest of the season. The gang is at it again as New Girl premiered tonight with season 4! Even though my favorite season is still season 1, I felt it best to come into season 4 with an open mind. For a while, the comedy was a bit off and I thought they lost the groove they had in season 1, but this episode caught me off guard. It was great and funny as ever. So let’s see how the first episode of season 4 begins. - by The Young Folks [Camille Espiritu]

    The end of summer is also the end of wedding season—and even though people totally get hitched at other times the year, Schmidt wasted no time in pointing out the risks of gambling on the unknown contents of a bulky sweater when seeking commitment-free post-nuptials nookie. It didn't take long to convince Jess, who was mourning her inability to move past Nick, to agree to an ambitious plan (code name: Sex Fist) to get all five loftmates laid at their last marital outing of the summer.  If you've ever struggled to locate the refrigerator underneath all the magnetic Save the Dates and frilly invites, or groaned at every new engagement announcement on Facebook because you just don't have time or enthusiasm for this crap anymore, if you've ever balked when faced with the horrors of a cash bar, "The Last Wedding" had your back. Maybe it's because I'm wrapping up my own marathon year of endless wedding- and baby-oriented engagements, but the determination to rebel against the obligatory trappings of friendship resonated. After all, awesome though they may be, attending one right after another for months on end can wear out even the best of friends. - by [MaryAnn Sleasman]


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