How to Get Away with Murder Season 2

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How to Get Away with Murder season 2 started airing on Thursday, September 24, 2015. Get a brief email if and when the next season is announced. Make sure to come back to where we’ll have season recap and discussion.

List of Episodes

S2E1 It's Time to Move On

S2E2 She's Dying

S2E3 It's Called the Octopus

S2E4 Skanks Get Shanked

S2E5 Meet Bonnie

S2E6 Two Birds, One Millstone

S2E7 I Want You to Die

S2E8 Hi, I'm Philip

S2E9 What Did We Do?

S2E10 What Happened to You, Annalise?

S2E11 She Hates Us

S2E12 It's a Trap

S2E13 Something Bad Happened

S2E14 There's My Baby

most recent episode S2E15 Anna Mae

How many episodes are in season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder?

The season consists of 15 episodes. The second half premiered on Thursday, February 11, 2016.

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Critics Reviews

    Do you think we’ll find out how Annalise got in this predicament by the fall finale? Or will it be like the case of Lila and go through the whole season? I won’t be doing weekly reviews this time but will be back for the end of the first half. Hopefully at least 3 new students will have the chance to answer a question in the classroom by then. I can’t be the only one who needs a diagram of all that happened in the premiere. It’s an even more tangled web than before, and I’m curious if Pete Nowalk and company will be able to continue to weave a coherent picture while maintaining the cuckoo bananas pace. - by TV Equals [Samantha Kaye]

    The newest denizen of Shondaland enters its second season still basking in the afterglow of star Viola Davis’ big Emmy win and maintaining the buzz created by its uneven but inspired 15-episode debut last year. The time-jumping twists and turns of its opening bow kept How to Get Away With Murder kinetic and breathless, and the second season premiere wastes no time diving back into the fray. Last season’s finale revealed who took out pregnant co-ed Lila Stangard (it was Frank, Annalise Keating’s consultant/button man) but left a fresh body as a cliffhanger: that of bartender, accused killer, piercing enthusiast, and sometimes Wes paramour Rebecca. Of course, that murder is solved within the new season’s first hour, continuing the series’ full-speed barreling. In addition to the spinning roulette wheel of suspects in Rebecca’s killing, there’s a fresh cornucopia of complications for Keating and her law students. The most fascinating of those new plot threads involves the arrival of Eve Rothlow (new cast member Famke Janssen), one of Annalise’s old college friends (or possibly more) who is now defending the framed Nate. Meanwhile, Annalise is diving headlong into representing a pair of adopted kids accused of torturing and slaying their parents, and there’s still the question of the identity of the mysterious “Eggs 911,” the recipient of Rebecca’s text messages from the last night she was alive. - by Entertainment Weekly [Kyle Anderson]

    And the series continues to make interesting moves with the lead characters. Matt McGory is getting the part he deserves. It’s not that I’m rooting for Asher to be the bad guy, but I want him to have a little more screen time and a more developed character—both seem to be happening. I enjoyed Asher’s bon mots last season from time to time, but now, for me, they serve no real purpose. Him working with that unpleasant prosecutor, Ms. Sinclair, doesn’t seem to be a great idea, but I am excited to see where this goes. Although, in this episode, we saw Ms. Sinclair, dead on the downstairs mansion floor, eyes gouged out, so it may not go that far. The real question is: What is Trotter Lake? And who is Tiffany? Meanwhile, Wes and Nate present one of the most unexpected duos of the show. Annalise dresses in her sexiest outfit and makes one final attempt to restore things with Nate, but is shot down. No surprise there. But what is surprising, is that as Nate shuts the door on Annalise, he turns around to Wes and says, “Im in.” In for what? Are Nate and Wes the perpetrators of Annalise’s shooting? Is the phone call he made asking about her safety a decoy? - by Paste Magazine [Lesley Brock]

    I mean, honestly, when I sit and think deeply about their ratio of student-loan debt to future earning potential — and how it might be affected by a prison stint for felony conspiracy to commit murder — these students’ undying loyalty to stern taskmaster/educator/bosslady Annalise Keating strikes me as more than a little cray-cray. The good news is, though, every single one of our core characters is clinging to secrets of his or her own. If Annalise, for example, pins Rebecca’s murder on Bonnie (spoiler alert: Lurky McChurchmouse did the deed — and took her damn time doing it  via electrical tape/plastic bag over the head, too), then her ferociously loyal minion possesses enough ugly intel to drag Prof. Keating down into the sane prison-bound whirlpool, too. (That said, Bonbon’s pretty much all heart-emojis for her employer, yes?) - by TV Line [Michael Slezak]


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