The Tom and Jerry Show Season 2 Episode 23

S2E23 Shadow Boxin'

Air Date: Thursday Dec 21, 2017 on Cartoon Network.

Episode audience rating: 8.3*.

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Fan Buzz

I honestly thought that team would put in care, and effort. Yeah this type of idea of a guy who created Ren and Stimpy is something you really didn't expect to turn out to be like this I'll give some credit for giving some good slapstick and story concept but most of the animation is done too cheap by using Flash animation making it less and less of a classic show and more of a different cartoon even though there's some good things in it a lot of it doesn't seem to be done right but like you'd expect Tom and Jerry classic films will always outstand the Reboots. You still have cat chases mouse. Apart from the expressions of the characters, the flashy animation just looks cheap and lazy, looking more flat or over-saturated than vibrant, backgrounds are scrappy and lack detail and the characters often look rough. Still, I don't think this is a legitimate reason to stop watching the show.


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