Take Me Out Season 2 Episode 10

S2E10 Episode 10

Air Date: Saturday Feb 19, 2011 on ITV.

Episode audience rating: 0.7*.

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Fan Buzz

This is probably best reality TV show in a decade. If more that one girl still has her light on after all that, he chooses which one he wants to go on a date with. And seems like some of the girls are there for the attention or the 5 Min's of fame rather than the dates love the host hes cheesy but likable and its always interesting to see esp in round 2 when they do a video about himself and a split screen of the girls and their lights how many go out they had a real aww one last week though a girl who's been on the show awhile and hasn't been picked bc of her alternative look Looci .. ...because Blind Date was another cheap, rigged, rip-off Some inexplicably don't have a video of their friends/family talking about them shown.


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