Schnell ermittelt Season 3 Episode 8

S3E8 Klaus Karner

Air Date: Tuesday Mar 01, 2011 on ORF 1.

Episode IMDB Rating: 8.2*.

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Angelika Schnell (the name is German for fast, so the title has double meaning) is head of a Wiena homicide squad and a chameleon personality. The puzzle to solve the mysteries are realistic and well put together and real brain teasers. One minute she is a typical single-mom driving the kids to school, next a top professional no-nonsense boss, a flirting femme fatale, a tough Bruce Willis style action hero. There is a very human touch to the characters dealing with everyday problems inside these very thrilling murder-mysteries. But most important she can put herself inside the victims mind and feel the circumstances leading to the crime.


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