La que se avecina Season 5 Episode 3

S5E3 Un renegado, una poseĆ­da y el primer gay de Albacete

Air Date: Sunday May 15, 2011 on Telecinco.

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If you want to watch it you can watch it mondays at 22:30 (hour of Germany) on a Spanish channel called Telecinco if you can't watch it that day then you can also watch it on this link:I really hope you enjoy the show! I also like that if you are Spanish you can defiantly relate to their lives and forget for an hour how horrible your life is. It is an awesome TV show and it really helps you improve your Spanish. My friends have learned lots while watching it. What I like about it most (apart from it being funny) is that you don't have to watch every episode since season 1 to understand what is going on.


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