Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu Season 8 Episode 22

S8E22 Episode 217

Air Date: Thursday Mar 06, 2014 on Kanal D.

Episode IMDB Rating: 8.1*.

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The occasional side stories are amusing, and I found myself sighing in relief whenever attention was diverted from Polat's brooding and İskender Büyük's gravelly-voiced diatribes to focus on other characters who did not take themselves all that seriously - Namely Muro. In short, the story is good but it lacks the proper depth to be thought of as a masterpiece; it is entertaining all the same though. In short, if you're ever in Turkey, understand a little Turkish, and need to watch a show with substance this is the show to watch. However, in other episodes there is hardly any sort of recap given and the episode moves at lightning speed. The story and characters are what carry the show, but even these two factors are not enough to overcome the occasional lapses in judgment made by the writers and the people behind the series.


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