How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 5

S2E5 Meet Bonnie

Air Date: Thursday Oct 22, 2015 on ABC.

Episode audience rating: 7.7*.

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Episode Recap

But just like that, we’re back to the flash-forward. Bonnie and Asher, still in the car, pulling over so Bonnie can pee. (Yes, apparently, bodily functions continue even when you’ve spent the night in a blood-spattered mansion.) Bonnie hits the head — and uses the time to wash blood off her arms, toss her bloodied blouse and (speculation alert) dispose of evidence linking her to Annalise’s shooting/Sinclair’s death by balcony. But when she gets back to the car, Asher is as gone as Amy Dunne in that Gillian Flynn novel. Turns out, he’s gone to the local precinct and is declaring — AS ANY SANE PERSON MIGHT DO — “I need to make a statement.” In fact, “Meet Bonnie” achieves such Ann Coulter-at-a-Hillary-Clinton-Fundraiser levels of crazy, I’m guessing an in-depth play-by-play would take longer than the combined acts of Connor perfecting his spectacular coiff, Laurel and Frank washing away their basement-sex stank, and Doomed Prosecutor Lady convincing herself she might prevail in a courtroom showdown against Annalise Keating. (Oh grrrrl, you may have won the battle this week, but we know which one of you isn’t getting hit with those fearless EMTs’ shock paddles in the three-weeks-from-now flash-forward, so…) - by TV Line [Michael Slezak]


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