How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 3

S2E3 It's Called the Octopus

Air Date: Thursday Oct 08, 2015 on ABC.

Episode avg rating: 7.8*.

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Episode Recap

The big plot points of the week’s episode are that Nate and Wes begin to work together after Wes meets the mysterious Eggs (who, actually isn’t Eggs–Rebecca was). He puts doubt in Wes’s mind about Rebecca’s well being and teams up with Nate who was already feeling ill will towards Annalise after the trouble she put him through. Much of what detracted from season one of the series was the case of the week format, which presented the show with two problems. The first being that it caused a feeling of redundancy to a show that was already dealing with the same opening for half of the first season as we watched all the moments that lead to the death of Sam from different character point of views. While some of the cases were more interesting than others and some <...> - by The Young Folks [Allyson Johnson]


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