How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 1

S2E1 It's Time to Move On

Air Date: Thursday Sep 24, 2015 on ABC.

Episode viewer ratings from IMDb: 8.2*.

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Episode Recap

The newest denizen of Shondaland enters its second season still basking in the afterglow of star Viola Davis’ big Emmy win and maintaining the buzz created by its uneven but inspired 15-episode debut last year. The time-jumping twists and turns of its opening bow kept How to Get Away With Murder kinetic and breathless, and the second season premiere wastes no time diving back into the fray. Last season’s finale revealed who took out pregnant co-ed Lila Stangard (it was Frank, Annalise Keating’s consultant/button man) but left a fresh body as a cliffhanger: that of bartender, accused killer, piercing enthusiast, and sometimes Wes paramour Rebecca. Of course, that murder is solved within the new season’s first hour, continuing the series’ full-speed barreling. In addition to the spinning roulette wheel of suspects in Rebecca’s killing, there’s a fresh cornucopia of complications for Keating and her law students. The most fascinating of those new plot threads involves the arrival of Eve Rothlow (new cast member Famke Janssen), one of Annalise’s old college friends (or possibly more) who is now defending the framed Nate. Meanwhile, Annalise is diving headlong into representing a pair of adopted kids accused of torturing and slaying their parents, and there’s still the question of the identity of the mysterious “Eggs 911,” the recipient of Rebecca’s text messages from the last night she was alive. - by Entertainment Weekly [Kyle Anderson]

The season 2 premiere does offer a reverse of the pilot’s structure, ending with a jarring fast-forward, from Wes and Annalise dancing in the club to two months in the future, with Annalise shot and bleeding in her home, and Wes running from the scene. Annalise’s lecture about the often-intimate ties between killer and victim plays over the scene, focusing on Wes when she says it could be “your lover.” Is this to imply some kind of future relationship between Wes and Annalise? Annalise’s attention towards Wes at the club is definitely some kind of indication. We’ve seen Annalise show her dedication to protecting Wes, but with this scene the extent of Annalise’s intentions towards Wes remain unclear. The season premiere begins two weeks after the season 1 finale, in which it was revealed to the viewer that university student Lila Stangard (Megan West), found dead in a water tank at the beginning of season 1, was murdered by Frank (Charlie Weber), Annalise’s assistant. Frank committed the murder at the behest of Annalise’s husband, Sam (Tom Verica), to whom Frank apparently owed a favor. Within the world of the series, however, no one is aware that Frank is the killer. Additionally, the final scene of season 1 found Frank and Annalise discovering Rebecca’s (Katie Findlay) body in the basement of the Keating House. - by PopMatters [Matthew Fay]

We cut to two months later, and if they're in bed together, I'm out — oh. Oh, no! Wes is in the dark, running away from a house, and inside the house is Annalise ... lying in the ground ... in a pool of her own blood ... because she was shot ... by Wes? Of course, there is a case Annalise and Co. are trying that no one really cares about. Apparently, a Blasian duo is being accused of killing their parents. In any other episode, this might be interesting, but not this week, because some lady named Eve shows up at Annalise's office. Turns out Eve is the lawyer Annalise told Nate to call in the season-one finale. These two ladies clearly have a past, and I wouldn't mind seeing a show with just the two of them arguing and then staring at each other meaningfully in platonic and non-platonic ways. Anyway, Eve decides to throw Annalise a bone and meets with Nate. - by New York Magazine/Vulture [Phoebe Robinson]

“You’re right I shouldn’t have told you all that. I should’ve just shut da hell up. I’m sorry. It was nice talking with you. But on this trip we should both try having some fun, after all, we’re in paradise right?” writes down and hands him her hotel room number. The love scenes between Viola Davis and Famke Janssen are pretty steamy, in the sense that it’s very unusual to see middle-aged lesbian kissing on primetime. Famke puts on a very striking performance, as she does in most of her projects. She does over-act a bit, as if she is in a horror film, constantly looking horrified, lustful, homicidal or focused. In the scene above, she seems more focused on kissing from the right angle than on the kiss. It seems as if she isn’t really into it upon closer examination, more so than if she was kissing a really old, fat man. Her hand also is clutching the side of Davis’s face, rather than caressing it seductively. But, if a viewer does not look too closely, this is an inspiring moment. - by AnaphoraLiterary - Cinematic [Anna Faktorovich]


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