Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda Season 7 Episode 5

S7E5 Rearview Mirror

Air Date: Wednesday Sep 20, 2017 on Investigation Discovery.

Episode IMDB Rating: 10.3*.

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But the new season episode seems - and I'll have to watch a rerun to be sure - to have constant, raucous and thoroughly annoying background music that's so intrusive, it drowns out the dialogue at times. Most have been either uninteresting, or simple open and shut cases that were dragged out like they were whodunits. The candor of Lt Joe Kenda who's work for over 20+ years solving over 400+ cases reminds us when a life is taken they will never be back. To me he makes me think of a Zen teacher with his insights. I don't usually Investigation Discovery kinds show shows which don't seem to have the depth was this one "Homicide Hunter: Lt/ Kendal" is definitely on a top notch show for me.


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