Geordie Shore Season 16 Episode 10

S16E10 Episode 10

Air Date: Tuesday Mar 13, 2018 on MTV.

Episode rating on IMDb: 7.2*.

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Fan Buzz

This show could really trigger young people to do the exact same that they are doing. I used to love watching this show, there was drama in every corner and a lot more sex. Being an ex-pat Geordie myself I do look out for things of interest from "home" but this show is in no way representative of the Geordieland that I grew up in. I would not mind having a lifestyle like them and as I can relate this is the only show I ever watch and always eager to watch. It sort of looks as if the producers have set up each and every scene, and said "Okay, now everyone sit here and talk about *insert topic*" and then they take them to another room "Now sit here and talk about *insert topic*".


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