Earth's Natural Wonders Season 2 Episode 3

S2E3 Surviving Against the Odds

Air Date: Wednesday Mar 07, 2018 on BBC One.

Episode rating on IMDb: 8.4*.

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In some of the world's most spectacular natural wonders, people push themselves to the limit in order to survive. For the people who call these extraordinary places home, survival requires skill, ingenuity and bravery. In Ethiopia, belief in a higher power leads villagers in the Tigray region to climb a huge, vertiginous mountainside to reach their church. They believe it's vital and beneficial for their children to be baptised here, despite the obvious dangers. Laos is one of the most fertile places on earth. Despite this, life is dangerous for the rice farmers in this beautiful country. During the Vietnam War, the United States dropped an estimated 270 million bombs on this small country and approximately 80 million of them failed to explode, remaining in the ground to this day. In the North Atlantic lie the Faroe Islands. Once a year, islanders on one island, Sk·voy, scale the sheer-sided cliffs to obtain a traditional delicacy, fulmar eggs.


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