Criminal Minds Season 3 Episode 13

S3E13 Limelight

Air Date: Wednesday Jan 23, 2008 on CBS.

Episode avg rating: 7.8*.

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Prior to the addition of Adam Rodriguez, this show was a 10 out of 10. She was one of the most loved actors on the show, but many fans of the show resented her only because they loved Gipson. Now it's an unbearable BS brimming with the imagined moral superiority of people who seem to have no moral at all. The emotions given by the actors are excellent. But when i saw an episode the other week, This show is lame I cant believe it's been on for as long as it has, The FBI BUA unit, really Sounds like it stands for Big Unusual Assholes I love movies like Seven and series like True Detective This is the most pathetic attempt to recreate a series from movies like Silence Of The Lambs and other FBI pro filer movies, A dime a dozen these days.


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