Archer Season 6 Episode 4

S6E4 Edie's Wedding

Air Date: Thursday Jan 29, 2015 on FXX.

Episode avg rating: 9.2*.

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Episode Recap

In it, Pam is openly sobbing in the office break room when Sterling enters to refresh and, of course, “Irish up” his coffee. Each time it appears that he might actually display humanity and comfort his distraught co-worker, he merely reaches out and moves her aside so that he can get the proper ingredients for his java. It’s one of those self-centric scenarios in which everyone in Archer excels: how everyone can be such insufferable pricks, only to be offered a last-minute reprieve by demonstrating the slightest shred of compassion. Back at the Pam Poovey Family Farm, Pam (voiced by Amber Nash) is greeted with an unrelenting assault from her sister -- verbally and with fists. The two have a sibling rivalry of Mufasa/Scar proportions, and usually ends in a lost tooth or two. This is where the show is at its strongest, as we get a chance to see all the things that drove Pam to be the maladjusted woman she is today. We also see how far she’s developed as a character on the show, as well. And she and Sterling seem to strengthen their twisted bond after this episode. - by INFLUX Magazine [Rob Rector]


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